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にじGAME - 二元美少女専門ブラウザゲーム&ソーシャルゲーム
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🔹ANIMESH Community🔸 ⛩️ SFW Server 🔆 Active Community 🌂 Anime, games, art channels 🌹 Active Selfie Channel 💝 Friendly Staff 🎈 Automatic earn roles 🎃 Introductions 🎧 Music bots (auto voice) 🌸 Media channels And so much more! Join now and get a lot of fun !
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This server is ☆ Yokohama DeNA Baystars fan community ☆.   The Yokohama Baystars is a Japanese professional baseball team in the NPB Central League. * We are an unofficial fan community.   Recently, the team has been in the news for the transfer of Trevor Bauer. The Baystars are a team with many foreign players as well as him.   If you have never cheered for the Baystars but are interested in the sport, or if you are considering becoming a Yokohama fan, you are also welcome to join us. And, local fans who want to know more about these players' activities in Japan are also welcome.      From U.S.A. Pitcher - J.B. Wendelken - Robert Gsellman - Trevor Bauer batter - Trey Amburgy - Tyler Austin   From Venezuela. Pitcher - Edwin Escobar  - Yofrec Diaz   From Puerto Rico batter - Neftali Soto   From Dominica Pitcher - Hansel Marcelino - Starlin
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The official Discord community for r/Tokyo & r/TokyoTravel. A place for all things in and around Tokyo.
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Your sanctuary. おまえのばしょ。
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