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Everyone is welcome to participate. If you join and don't like it, you can leave immediately.
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🎌 Join JP×EN Discord: Where Language Meets Fun! 🌟 🌟 JP×EN Discord: 楽しさ満載の言語交流、ここにあり🗣️✨ Discover the perfect fusion of language exchange and enjoyment! Engage in captivating conversations with native Japanese speakers, level up your language skills, and immerse yourself in the rich Japanese culture. Not a Japanese enthusiast? No worries! Our vibrant community warmly welcomes everyone, encouraging lively English exchanges with our friendly members. Embrace the joy of communication and forge new global friendships! Step into a world where learning feels like play, and excitement knows no bounds. Don't miss out on the adventure - join us now! 🚀✨ 英語が得意でなくても大丈夫!外国のメンバーと楽しく日/英会話を楽しむことができる、アットホームなサーバーです!言語学習よりも、コミュニケーション、ゲーム交流などを楽しむことに重点を置いています。 一歩踏み出して、新しい国際的な友人と交流し、笑いと感動に満ちた素晴らしい時間を過ごしましょう!興味津々な方々が待っています!🌏💬
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A freshly made server! ! Japanese people who want to study English, and English-speaking people who want to study Japanese! ! Anyone who wants to make friends is welcome! 出来たてホヤホヤのサーバー!!英語を勉強したい日本人、日本語を勉強したい英語圏の方!!友達が欲しい方、誰でもおいで!
36 days ago
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This server is where you can share sticky feet glue videos and images with everyone and have fun. If you like glue, you should definitely join!
73 days ago
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Welcome to the Modron Support Server, the go-to place for all your questions and needs related to our bot. Our server is dedicated to helping our users get the most out of their experience with our bot, no matter their level of expertise. Our team of experienced moderators is always ready to provide assistance and guide you through any questions you may have. Whether you need help setting up the bot, troubleshooting an issue, or just want to learn more about our features, we are here to help you. Additionally, our server features an active and friendly community of users who share tips, advice, and support on how to use the bot to its full potential. You can connect with other users, share your experience, and learn from others. We take pride in our commitment to excellence and providing you with the best possible support. That's why we keep you up-to-date on all the latest news, updates, and changes to the bot. You'll be the first to know about new features, bug fixes, and any othe
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We're making VOCALOID 3D concerts in the United Kingdom.
276 days ago
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Come to our Play & Social server !
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