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This server is the official support server for Natural BOT, a Discord BOT. Why join? • You can analyze RAGE PLUGINPLUGIN HOOK logs. • You can use new features in advance. • Fast response to bug reports. • You can request new features. • There are many features that are only available on this server.
1 hours ago
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Barefoot Anime Server This server is for sharing more and more barefoot anime images and videos! There are images of the soles of the feet, the backs of the feet, and even gif images of bare feet. You can even post videos. If you like anime feet, keep posting them! Let's enjoy foot life together!
128 days ago
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即抜けOKだから一回入ってみてね^ ^
152 days ago
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当時の2chを生きた鯖主が2chを復活させる! 荒らし対策完璧!
152 days ago